About Software Orbit (Pvt) Ltd.

At Software Orbit (Pvt) Ltd., we deploy and develop data Security products that cater to all the security needs of not only a home end user, but to the enterprise at large.

We provide you with End-to-End data security to secure your data, maintaining its confidentiality and integrity at all times.

Our products and services are available for not only the companies but an end user can also find out applications fulfilling their data security needs. Our primal focus is to provide data protection of sensitive and personally identifiable information using smart information security Software.

Software Orbit (Pvt) Ltd. offers security to:

  • Personal data
  • Enterprise data

Focusing more on reflecting the ubiquity of information, Software Orbit (Pvt) Ltd. plays a vital role in helping individuals and business owners running their course of activities and daily tasks without worrying about the privacy and confidentiality of their personally identifiable data.

Our Mission:

Our mission is our route to success, which is enduring for us and declares our company's purpose and serves us the standard against which we weigh our decisions.

  • To continue to listen to our users
  • To think security in all aspects of our digital lives
  • To innovate and diversify the field of data security

Our Vision:

Software Orbit (Pvt) Ltd. believes in success based on and by implementing the following goals:

  • To identify gaps in the existing practices, and develop robust security solutions
  • To brainstorm and figure out best ways of securing data at rest, in use and in motion
  • To establish a proactive, end-to-end comprehensive security solution that is customizable and based on user needs