Đề thi học sinh giỏi khu vực Bắc Bộ năm học 2011 - 2012 môn tiếng Anh lớp 11 Đề thi học sinh giỏi

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Đề thi học sinh giỏi khu vực Bắc Bộ năm học 2011 - 2012 môn tiếng Anh lớp 11 - Đề thi học sinh giỏi


(Đề thi chính thức)

NĂM HỌC 2011- 2012

Ngày thi: 21 tháng 4 năm 2012
(Thời gian làm bài 180 phút không kể thời gian giao đề)


Question 1 (10p.) Listen and complete the notes below. WRITE NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer. Write your answers in the space provided. Be careful as you can listen only ONCE.

Questions 2. Listen and choose the correct letter A, B or C. Write your answers in the space provided. You are going to listen TWICE. (10p.)

1. The Counselling Service may contact tutors if ______.
A. they are too slow in making assignments
B. they give students a lot of work
C. they don’t inform students about their progress

2. Stress may be caused by ______.
A. new teachers
B. time pressure
C. unfamiliar subject matter

3. International students may find stress difficult to handle because ______.
A. they lack support from family and friends
B. they don’t have time to make new friends
C. they find it difficult to socialize

4. A personal crisis may be caused by ______.
A. studying for too long overseas
B. business problems in the student’s own country
C. disruptions to personal relationships

5. Students may lose self-esteem if ______.
A. they have to change courses
B. they don’t complete a course
C. their family puts too much pressure on them

6. Students should consult Glenda Roberts if ______.
A. their general health is poor
B. their diet is too strict
C. they can’t eat the local food

7. Students in financial difficulties can receive ______.
A. assistance to buy books
B. a loan to pay their course fees
C. a no-interest loan to cover study expenses

8. Loans are also available to students who ______.
A. can’t pay their rent
B. need to buy furniture
C. can’t cover their living expenses

9. The number of students counselled by the service last year was ______.
A. 214               B. 240               C. 2,600

10. The speaker thinks the Counselling Service______.
A. has been effective in spite of staff shortages
B. is under-used by students
C. has suffered badly because of staff cuts


Question 1. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Write your answers (A, B, C, or D) in the space provided under this part. (10p.)

1. The ______ of two houses prove such a financial burden that they were forced to sell one
A. upshot                 B. upkeep               C. uproar                D. upsurge

2. In his student days, he was as poor as a church ______
A. beggar                B. miser                C. mouse                D. pauper

3. Harry doesn’t ______ to great fame and fortune, he just wants to make a decent living.
A. crave               B. hanker               C. yearn              D. aspire

4. I wrote to them a fortnight ago but ______ I haven’t had a reply
A. as yet                B. these days               C. so long              D. just now

5. I couldn’t stop myself from ______ with boredom during the lecture.
A. sighing                 B. gasping               C. panting               D. blowing

6. She didn’t show even a ______ of emotion when the court found her guilty.
A. gleam                 B. wink               C. flicker              D. flash

7. It’s not surprising that he became a writer because he always longed to see his name______.
A. in type               B. in print               C. in letters               D. in edition

8. The police are looking into new ways of ______ major crime.
A. contending               B. wrestling               C. combating               D. striving

9. The technological and economic changes of the 19th century had a marked ______ on workers.
A. cause             B. effect                C. impact               D. consequence

10. The first sign of vitamin A disorder is night ______.
A. loss of sight                 B. lack of vision                C. invisibility                D. blindness

11. The ______ are against her winning a fourth consecutive gold medal.
A. chances                B. bets                C. prospects               D. odds

12. References can have a considerable ______ on employment prospects.
A. cause                B. decision            C. weight              D. bearing

13. The prospects of picking up any survivors are now ______.
A. thin                  B. narrow               C. slim               D. restricted

14. From time to time he ______ himself to a weekend in a five-star hotel.
A. craves                B. indulges                C. treats               D. benefits

15. Men still expect their jobs to take ______.
A. superiority                 B. imposition                C. priority               D. seniority. 

16. The police have been ordered not to ______ if the students attack them.
A. combat                 B. rebuff                C. retaliate               D. challenge

17. Meg had a ______ escape when she was hang-gliding yesterday.
A. slender                  B. close               C. near               D. narrow

18. I can’t tell you the exact amount, but I can give you a ______ estimate.
A. smooth                 B. tidy                C. rough                D. similar

19. Marge walked away from the discussion. Otherwise, she ______ something she would regret later.
A. will say                   B. said
C. might say              D. might have said

20. You are not supposed to park on the hard ______ except in an emergency.
A. lane                B. shoulder                C. leg              D. area

Question 2. There are TEN mistakes in this paragraph. Write them down & give the correction. Write your answers in the space provided. (5p.)

Line 1

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in the world. According to
recent estimation, about one hundred million of people ski regularly or
Sliding across the snow on skis is also one of the most ancient
methods of transport known to the man. It has demonstrated that men were
already traveling across the snow by means of primitive skis before the
invention of the wheel. In the Asiatic region of Altai and in Scandinavia,
for example, the remains of skis have been found which dated back to
4,000 BC. Further evidence is supplied by ancient cave paintings which
depict people skiing, and a Norwegian saga which tells the story of an
invasion of its territory 8,000 years ago by a tribe of skiers who came from
the north.
Nowadays, skiing, apart from a sport, has become a big industry and a
notable feature of leisure culture. Ski resorts and all the activity that they
generate is the main source of wealth in many mountain regions, which
were previously remote and inaccessible. And far from its once elitist
image, skiing is now enjoyed by an increasingly broader spectra of society.

Your answers:

  Lines Mistakes Corrections

Question 3. Complete each of the following sentences with the correct form of one verb from the box and a suitable particle. Write your answers in the space provided (5p.)

lag               jump                  lie               fall                bring                work                bring                jot               get                 tick

1. My purse has just _______ behind the sofa even though I thought I’d lost it for good.

2. It was Tony who would always _______ the rest of the party. He would stop at every window and gaze for hours.

3. He’s a nature enthusiast and he will certainly _______ the opportunity of visiting the wildlife reserve in Ohio.

4. “Keep talking while I _______ my notes.” she said.

5. Unless your wife stops leading her extravagant lifestyle, you won’t _______ on the poor salary you obtain.

6. The exact cost of the whole venture isn’t known yet, but our best accounts have been trying to _______(it).

7. I don’t quite like the new apprentice’s approach. He seems to _______ the job.

8. Those naughty boys went on making terrible noise in the park even though they had been _______ by the annoyed constable.

9. His heart attack was _______ by too much stress at work.

10. I am not friends with Peter anymore. We’ve_______.

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